Testing Before Investing (PoC) Package

Evaluate and validate new aviation technologies or concepts within a controlled environment before committing significant financial resources. It’s about being thorough, methodical, and wise.

Package Objective

This package will ensure that innovative aviation technologies are thoroughly evaluated and validated before progressing to the investment stage. The result? Increased likelihood of successful and impactful outcomes.

Tasks And Activities

1. Identifying Opportunities

Finding and selecting emerging aviation technologies or concepts with innovation potential.

  • Spot innovative aviation technologies.
  • Work with experts to assess feasibility.

2. Designing the Tests

Creating clear objectives and success criteria for testing.

  • Outline test cases, scenarios, and methodologies.
  • Set up a controlled testing environment.

3. Executing and Analyzing

Conducting rigorous testing and analyzing the data.

  • Perform tests based on predefined cases.
  • Gather and analyze performance metrics.
  • Collaborate with partners for accurate testing.

4. Assessing Risks and Reporting

Evaluating risks and compiling a comprehensive validation report.

  • Assess the potential impact and risks of the technology.
  • Compile findings into a detailed report.

Package Benefits

Reduces Your Financial Risks

By identifying challenges early on, you can avoid making big investments in ideas that might not work.

Gives You Smart Insights

With data at your fingertips, you can make investment decisions that are informed and wise.

Boosts Safety in Your Projects

By spotting potential issues early on, you're ensuring that safety isn't compromised in the development process.

Encourages Teamwork in Your Organization

This approach helps you build strong relationships between technology providers, industry experts, and stakeholders. It's about working together.

Inspires Innovation in Your Work

By creating a controlled environment for testing and refinement, you're paving the way for fresh, innovative ideas.

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