Networking & Access to Innovation Ecosystem Package

Join us in shaping a dynamic and collaborative space for everyone in aviation and innovation. Our Network & Ecosystem package aims to bring people and ideas together, sparking innovation and growth in the digital transformation of aviation.

Package Objective

Our goal is simple but powerful: to create a lively network that encourages teamwork, idea-sharing, and innovation in aviation and digital fields. We want to speed up the pace of change and make the industry better for everyone.

Tasks And Activities

Assessment Package

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

  • Find and connect with key players like companies, startups, research groups, and regulators.
  • Set up ways to talk and work together, keeping everyone in the loop.

Community Building

  • Host events and meetups to help people get to know each other.
  • Make it easy for everyone to network and build relationships.

Partnership Development

  • Look for potential partners for projects and research.
  • Build partnerships that make the most of everyone’s skills and resources.

Aero Events

Event Promotion

  • Plan and run aviation events, conferences, and workshops.
  • Work with experts to pick interesting and useful topics.
  • Make sure the events help people network and share ideas.

Ecosystem Promotion

  • Show off the great work and success stories from our network.
  • Make it clear why being part of this network is a good idea.

Knowledge Exchange and Innovation

  • Set up workshops and webinars to share what we know.
  • Create spaces for brainstorming and coming up with new ideas.

Resource Sharing

  • Make it easy to share tools, data, and research.
  • Encourage everyone to work together and use shared resources.

Multiplier Office Package

  • Set up a physical or online “Multiplier Office” as a go-to place for networking and teamwork.
  • Offer shared workspaces and meeting rooms for startups and professionals.
  • Host regular meetups, hackathons, and team projects to keep the energy high.
  • Make sure the office is a place where different ideas and fields can mix and match.

Package Benefits

Teamwork and Innovation

Teamwork and Innovation

Stronger Connections

Build lasting relationships that help everyone do better work.

Faster Learning

Speed up how quickly we can share and use new knowledge and best practices.

More Support

Attract more funding and resources to our network.

Leading the Way

Make our hub a key center for innovation in aviation and digital fields.

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