Support to Find Investments Package

The Funding Support work package is all about fueling innovation. It’s about providing financial assistance and resources to innovative projects, startups, or initiatives that align with the hub’s objectives.

Package Objective

The primary aim of this work package is to foster the growth of promising ideas by offering various forms of funding support. By establishing this work package, the Aero EDIH plays a crucial role in nurturing innovative ideas and driving progress across the European landscape.

Tasks And Activities

Preinvestor Package: Laying the Groundwork

  • Project Identification and Selection:
    • Find and evaluate projects in aviation and digital innovation.
    • Check alignment with the hub’s objectives and potential impact.
  • Funding Strategy and Allocation:
    • Outline the types of funding and support available.
    • Set criteria for allocating funds based on innovation and growth.
  • Application and Evaluation:
    • Create a process for proposals.
    • Assemble experts to evaluate applications.
    • Focus on high-potential projects.
  • Resource Allocation:
    • Determine funding for selected projects.
    • Offer other support like mentorship or networking.

Connect to Investor Package: Making It Happen

  • Funding Agreement and Monitoring:
    • Develop agreements with expectations and milestones.
    • Monitor projects to ensure progress.
    • Provide guidance for challenges.
  • Promotion and Visibility:
    • Showcase funded projects to the community.
    • Highlight success stories.
    • Promote the hub’s role in innovation.

Package Benefits

Encourages Innovation

Provides financial backing to promising projects.

Fosters Collaboration

Fosters Collaboration

Stimulates Technology

Advances the development of new solutions.

Enhances Reputation

Positions the hub as a supporter of innovation.

Contributes to Growth

Nurtures startups and drives technological progress.

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