World-unique flight puts Norrköping at the forefront

Within the next few weeks, a world-unique flight will take place over Norrköping. The flight, which is part of Norrköping Science Park’s Aero EDIH project, will use high-tech cameras to collect unique data. The collected data will be able to be used to create a digital copy of the city of Norrköping.

Through cameras that measure heat and light wavelengths, mounted on the aircraft, detailed information about the composition of the city, including green areas, tree types and infrastructure, will be collected in a dataset.

– The data set is considered to be unique globally and is expected to place Norrköping at the forefront when it comes to creating digital twins. The flight over Norrköping will play a decisive role in the collection of valuable city and environment-related data, says Erik Telldén, researcher at Linköping University and expert on digital city twins.

The collected data will be publicly available through the Visual Sweden platform, something that will benefit researchers, companies and municipalities interested in creating their own digital twins. The digital twin can further be used to support the development of autonomous flight and transport systems and will also be used for environmental purposes to create more sustainable and climate-adapted cities.

– I consider it completely unique, I have never seen anything like this data set in the whole world, at least not in Europe, says Erik Telldén.

The flight, which is planned to take place in late July or early August, will cover an area of 100 km/m² of Norrköping and the surrounding area. The custom-built aircraft from Italy will complete three flights at different times of the day to capture different thermal data. After the flight, the collected data will also be used to train AI algorithms, allowing for even better future flights.

About Aero EDIH
Aero EDIH is a European digital innovation hub (EDIH) in future aviation and flight systems. The goal is to build a platform to understand, experiment with and apply digital technologies such as AI, cybersecurity, HPC, 5G, IoT and visualization in tomorrow’s aviation. Aero EDIH gives different businesses access to test facilities, training and investor networks, with the aim of creating growth and increased competitiveness among the companies. Aero EDIH is based in Norrköping and is coordinated by Norrköping Science Park (NOSP) together with the project partners Independent Business Group, Linköping University and RISE.

Patrik Tunón
Project manager Aero EDIH
Telephone: 0730 – 28 50 83

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