Innovative Company in Ekerö leading the Way in Electric Aviation

One of the companies that AERO EDIH supports within the hub is Vcraft Aeronautics. Since 2021, they have been working on their eVTOL and have now, with help from AERO EDIH, decided to go public. In the following text, they share their exciting news about their eVTOL and development.

VCraft Aeronautics, a high-tech startup based on Ekerö outside Stockholm, is introducing a new era in aviation with an eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft system. This includes a 2-seater and an unmanned variant. Founded in 2021 by Peter Jansson and Johannes Johansson, both with extensive experience in the aviation field, the company aims to position itself as a key player in the development of electric aircraft in Europe.

After working for 20 years with various flight systems, including the last 15 years with JAS 39 Gripen, it was time to apply these experiences to the electric aircraft industry, which is the next revolution in the air,” says Johannes Johansson.

Revolutionary Design

The company’s electric aircraft uses a system that allows the direction of the propeller shaft to change depending on the phase of flight, a feature unique in Europe. This system enables vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter, while also allowing for energy-efficient flight like a conventional airplane with wings.

The development of this advanced aircraft has been cost-effective with a small, efficient team of specialists. The expertise of subcontractors has been utilized, enabling just eight people at VCraft Aeronautics to develop the first prototype aircraft, which is currently undergoing various tests ahead of its first flight.

VCraft Aeronautics shows that even a small company with limited resources can develop advanced technology through efficient working methods and a well-assembled team,” says Peter Jansson.

Fully Electric

The vehicle is entirely electric, and the company has developed the battery system for its prototype aircraft. In addition to eliminating emissions, other environmental impacts, such as noise, are also reduced. The design is made to keep operating and maintenance costs low and minimize life-cycle costs.

Life-Saving Potential

Both the manned and unmanned electric aircraft have several civilian applications, such as agriculture and forestry, as well as efficient transport of people and materials. Another use is to quickly reach accident sites, including those in difficult terrain or over heavy traffic, where conventional transport is time-consuming. This concept, called “First on Site,” has significant potential to save lives in crisis situations where time is critical.

Continuous Innovation

New use cases and applications are continuously emerging as this type of vehicle enters the market. In dialogue with customers, VCraft Aeronautics can tailor its products to specific user needs.

Future Expansion

The work has been funded by the founders, the EU, Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency, 10+ companies, and 15+ private investors. After working in secrecy since its inception, VCraft Aeronautics is now entering a more public phase with the aim of attracting new customers and capital. Internationally, there is a high demand for this type of vehicle, and the company has established contacts with potential customers on several continents.

There is significant interest in the country for the establishment of production of VCraft Aeronautics electric aircraft, and the company is in contact with several municipalities that want to create new high-tech greentech jobs.

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