Drones in agriculture were in focus at Västervik Airport

During Thursday, September 7, “Drones in agriculture” was organized in Gamleby and at Västervik airport. Around 150 people were on hand to witness the latest in technology as well as demonstrations and experiments and several of the talks had a strong connection to visualization and image analysis.

After a well-fed morning, the journey continued to Västervik airport, where it began with a few short talks in the hangar, i.a. by ACC Innovation whose Thunder Wasp GT (Gas Turbine) super drone was displayed next to the audience. The drone can lift up to 1.5 tons. The participants also got to listen to Rasmus Lundqvist, senior researcher RISE (Drönarlabbet) and Innovation Leader at Aero EDIH who showed examples from the project portfolio for Aero EDIH, for example the company FLOX which wants to create autonomous drones that can scare away larger pests from agricultural land.

– It started when I was contacted by three happy people who wanted to see how to scare wild boars away from fields. Now it has been very good for them and they have received a lot of attention recently and also investments, says Rasmus Lundqvist.

The day then ended with field demonstrations out at the airport with both small and slightly larger drones, followed by mingling that will hopefully, and quite likely, lead to further collaborations and advancements in the industry.

The day is organized by Agtech 2030 in collaboration with Kungl. Skogs- och Lantbruksakademien(KSLA), Jordbruktekniska Föreningen (JTF), Försäkringsaktiebolaget Agria, Drone Center Sweden, Hushållningsällskapet and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Partners are Linköpings universitet, Aero EDIH, Visual Sweden, Linköping Science Park, Vreta Kluster AB, LRF – Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund and Ogestad Egendom.

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