AERO EDIH attends Transportforum 2024!

Save the date! Excitement is building as the 40th Transportforum rolls into Linköping on January 17-18, 2024. Immerse yourself in an enriching two-day program with hundreds of presentations covering the entire transport sector. Excitingly new for 2024, kick off each day with a joint session, dive into interactive workshops, and don’t miss the AERO EDIH postersession, further down you find the abstract for the session.
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AERO EDIH for Digital Transformation of the Aviation and Aerospace Industry

The air above us is one of the most under-utilized assets our society has. We are on the threshold to a new society where people and goods will be able to move efficiently and sustainably in three dimensions, augmenting or replacing physical infrastructure on the ground with digital air corridors enabling suburb to suburb travel and complementing the conventional airspace designed for fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters. The right to free movement is at the heart of European democracy; modern aviation will democratize transportation and promote social inclusion by providing access to fast and reliable transportation to everyone, whether you live in a city or in rural areas. Advancements such as aircrafts with electrical propulsion, eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing) or drones operating autonomously in the air with a dynamic allocation of the lower airspace, etc. will forever change the way we use the airspace, this time around in a sustainable way and digitalization is the key.

These new possibilities are going to disrupt the transport and mobility industries in a way no other industries have been transformed earlier, and much faster. These industries will also propel other industries that also will be transformed with new types of services. It is imperative for Europe that we can accelerate this transformation to enhance the European competitiveness in many areas. We believe that academia, the industry, public entities, municipalities, and regions need to interact to make this happen. The Aero EDIH will be an active part in leading the way forward.

The Aero EDIH aims to create societal and business impact through digital and green transformation of the aerospace related industries to support on a large scale the digital and green transformation of SMEs, regional airports and public sector organisations active within the domain of aerospace related industries in the European Union.

The Aero EDIH will act as multiplier to leverage existing EU digital capabilities and resources within the fields of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and other advanced digital skills by providing services to its users relating to testing before investing, training and skills development, support to find investments, and networking and access to innovation ecosystems. With a physical presence at Norrköping Airport in Sweden, Aero EDIH will utilize regional expertise and resources to provide its services on local and national (Sweden) level, and via the EDIH network ensure a Europe-wide impact. The region of Östergötland, where Norrköping is located, is the heart of Swedish aviation. The region is and has been at the forefront of development in aerospace and digital communication technologies for many decades with renowned companies such as SAAB and Ericsson and a leading academia of Linköping University. The five founding partners (beneficiaries) of Aero EDIH, Norrköping Science Park, (NOSP), Independent Business Group (IBG), A2M Advanced Air Mobility, Linköping University (LIU) and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), also has a strong presence in the region.

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